Tapping The Ether

Metal from the heart of The Machine

Tapping the Ether is a Hard Rock/Heavy Metal radio show based in Kingston, Ontario.

Broadcasting on CFRC, 101.9-FM on Saturday nights from 8-10 pm (GMT -5), Tapping the Ether has been on the air since around 1990, making it one of the longest running programs at the station.

I play a wide variety of music from the Hard Rock/Heavy Metal genres, covering the spectrum from AOR to Black Metal, Prog Rock to Thrash.  Music from every time period and from anywhere in the world. Big names to unknowns, legendary to obscure. I don't just play metal-I LOVE metal!

I talk about the history of metal, profile the bands and artists that make it all worthwhile, provide news and reviews, and sometimes just run off at the mouth about whatever's on my mind.

Thanks to the wonders of the Internet, the show is no longer limited in it's geographic range. The CFRC signal is streaming from their webpage, and archives of recently broadcast shows are available.


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